The company created in 1972 by Kazim Genc with $20.000 capital. In year 1974, M/T Basar Armagan worked in domestic transportation. The water demands of Prince Islands were provided by tanker transportation. Due to increasement of water demand,  M/T ILKIN in 1979, M/T CIGDEM GUL in 1980, M/T BORA GENC in 1982, M/T MUDANYA 1 in 1986 and M/T BASARI in 1989 joined our fleet. The water requirements of Prince Islands were successfully supplied by the company for 22 years.

In 16 October 1989, construction of the company's current ship, M/V Kazim Genc, started. The construction completed in 1993 and the new ship started her voyages.

The size of the tanker fleet was decreased with the disposal of M/T ILKIN in 1982, M/T BASARI in 1992, M/T CIGDEM GUL & M/T BORA GENC in 1996 and M/T BASAR ARMAGAN in 2000. With the selling of M/T MUDANYA 1 in year 2004 than tanker business was abandoned.